Sunday, December 7, 2008

I was on a small pacific island. I was part of a small group of people infiltrating an office building. It was It was dark out. We made it to the rear entrance. Once we all got in I decided it would be a good idea to block off our entrance with a large rock I found . A worker walked by and caught me in the act. Initially very suspicious I just told him that I was propping it open. He accepted it and carried on.
The building was an evil version of my work. We needed to escape suddenly and an opportunity arose. A person came up to tell us they had a route for us to take out. Sunah was the only person that I knew there, all the others were replaced with gruff, freedom fighter type men.
I managed to get out the front door but everyone else in my group had disappeared. Once outside I realized exactly how dark it was outside. There was a chain link fence at the end of their yard. There was a stone walkway that led to it and then out of the compound. The forest was dense and you could feel the thickness of the air.
I went down walkway and out of the front gate. Once I was further down the path and further into the forest a feeling of fear swept over me and I knew that something was about to attack me. I began to backpedal towards the gate.
A plant pod fell on me and grazed my back and rolled of of my right arm. I bent down to inspect the strange pod. It's little viney tendrils shot out from it's sides and buried themselves vigorously into the earth
I realized it was some sort of rare venus fly trap, about as large as my head.
I inched closer and closer to get a better look. Gently I reached my left hand out to touch it. It snapped shut quickly and I pulled my hand back. However I was not quick enough to prevent it from embedding one of it's little teeth into my hand.
I ran back towards the building to tell the people there what i had found and hopefully help me make sense of the whole situation.
Everyone was in the main room at the front of the building watching television. I tried to tell them about what just happened but no one seemed to care.
At this point i decided to take care of my wounded hand. I pulled the tooth out and the wound started to pour out a foul smelling liquid. I could tell that it was my own flesh liquifying in an almost instantaneous rot. It just kept pouring out. It was clear and very thick. All that was left eventually were the bones of my hand. Those bones just fell apart and crumbled in front of me.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

23 miles again. 23 miles while staying still, the nylon of my shorts becoming incredibly hot due to the surprising amount of friction they cause against my leg and the seat. 60 minutes, one our of straight of sitting pouring sweat onto the floor, little puddles of me all around the stationary bike. 23 miles between me and the exact same place I was and one hour later than it was. The endorphins pumping through my body. It is the best feeling in the world, getting off and not feeling quite like yourself. I feel lighter and a bit like I am not a part of myself. picking yourself up and putting it all back together in a meaningful way is difficult, but once you find it, it is the most amazing thing you can do.